Chris Simmons, PhD

Passionate about developing and delivering innovative software

About Chris

For over a decade, I have worked as a software engineer in both corporate and contracting environments such as Boeing and Fedex. Currently, my primary areas of interest are developing secure software systems and refining the process of software development through best practices. When I'm not writing code for clients, I enjoy teaching the art of software development at Lipscomb University or getting involved in various philanthropic initiatives. I have visited over 10 countries, and I hope to one day say I've visted them all.

My Travels

Some of the countries I've been to include: Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Honduras, Barbados, France, French Polynesia.

My Specialties

While I know a variety of languages and frameworks, these are my specialities and the tools I prefer to utilize when building software for my clients

Published Works

Journal Publications Author(s) Year
ADAPT Applied to a Game Inspired Defense Architecture Chris Simmons 2011
AVOIDIT: A Cyber Attack Taxonomy Chris Simmons 2010
SET4SCRUM: A Security Enhanced Taxonomy for SCRUM, 2010 Chris Simmons 2010

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